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    It's a marketing system that was specifically designed to eliminate the need for cold calling while ensuring every contact you make is ultra-qualified.


    You hand pick the people you want to connect with and enthusem makes it happen with a unique mix of direct mail, email and online videos.


    It's a super personal approach with only your best prospects. And when they engaged...you know instantly so you can start a conversation.


    To learn more, schedule a personal demo and we'll show you exactly how Enthusem can guarantee you more leads that are better qualified for less.

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What our clients are saying

“I was thrilled and, quite frankly, surprised by the effectiveness of Prospect Smarter’s initiative for Nat Geo WILD’s Big Cat Week. Through a highly targeted, cost effective campaign, we were able to activate influential organizations with millions of passionate followers to spread the word about our annual programming event in a very organic way. It was a small, yet highly efficient part of our overall marketing strategy that helped contribute to a 69% increase in Big Cat Week viewership over the prior year.” Mari Belalcazar
National Geographic Channel
“I went to Prospect Smarter looking for help on a couple of different projects from new inquiry generation to retention. Their team was professional and quickly dove into our business and developed solutions for our needs. The projects that we have implemented have been successful in driving awareness and inquiries as well as developing engagement and interaction with current students. We have been very happy with the partnership that we have developed with Prospect Smarter.” Michelle Keyser
Rasmussen College
“Prospect Smarter has not only been a great marketing tool for us, it has helped build the confidence and skills of our 26 sales representatives. The more experienced reps have quickly adopted the system as a fast and effective way to nurture clients so they can have an ongoing and professional dialogue with potential customers without clogging email inboxes or leaving multiple voice mail messages. They are learning faster and selling more effectively. We love the response rate and the value we get from Prospect Smarter.” Sylva Wilson
Hartwig Inc
“Getting excited about the concept and purchasing happened quickly. But I drug my feet in actually launching our first campaign. So when I finally decided to move, I put in a call to Prospect Smarter (best move ever!). Bottom line, in just 3 business days, we sent individually customized campaigns out the door, with the Prospect Smarter team doing almost all the heavy lifting. I love working with sharp folks that make my life easier!!!" Jim Higgins
“I am very pleased with the Prospect Smarter system. It allows me to cost effectively market to my customers and prospects using specific marketing...I experienced my highest response rate ever!” Paul Halvorson
Trimin Systems, Inc.
“As a small business owner, I am constantly looking for ways to market efficiently, to keep my name in front of both potential and current clients. This program helps me achieve that goal. It allows me to customize and target those messages to specific clients or potential clients. The system does all the leg work, presenting the image I want to all of my clients; making my small consulting business look professional and contemporary, yet personal.” Cindy Christensen
Christensen Consulting, LLC
“We have been using the tool for about one year and have really appreciated the flexibility and ease of use of this system. We can design our own images or work with the helpful Prospect Smarter staff to create something that fits our project. The capability for multiple users makes it a valuable tool for anyone within our company who may need to correspond with a customer. We appreciate the ability to measure our success with the tracking tools provided and continue to discover new ways to use the system.” Mindy Mikami
Okuma America
“I have been using the Prospect Smarter system for about two months now, and find it to be a very unique program. When sending a personalized communications to a prospect, it’s high quality and personal touch separate it from other forms of direct mail, giving it a much higher probability of being viewed by the recipient. In today’s tough economy, a program that stands out is essential when trying to build a pipeline of business. The Prospect Smarter folks have created a program that differentiates itself in the lead generation category.” Mark Falk
“With Prospect Smarter, you can break through the clutter and get noticed.” Pamela Smith, American Marketing Association, Tampa Bay
I can’t emphasize enough, how much this helps our department…automating has significantly saved us time & more importantly, you have provided us with instant visibility into warm leads (where in the past, it took 1-2 weeks). With resources being stretched, this has become even more critical.” Jason Spiegler
Camstar Systems